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The classic Sancerre Blanc (white) Sancerre Rouge (red) and Sancerre Rosé.
And also the Sancerre Cuvée Pauline, in white and red, our prestigious cuvee.

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Sancerre cuvee Capricieuse

Sancerre cuvee Capricieuse

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A bit of History...
The Curot winery was established in the 80's by the sister of Éric Louis.
Composed of 12 hectares, 50% of the vines are located on the village of Vinon (south of Sancerre), which are famous for their grounds of limestone, clay and flint stone.
Nowadays, this is Éric Louis who takes care of the vines of Curot Winery and keep perpetuating the tradition and the unique taste of this wine.


Grape variety :
100 % Sauvignon

Terroir :
argilo-calcaire et silex

Vineyard Work :
The grapes for "Cuvée Capricieuse" are harvested lately in order to obtain the best maturity. The yield of these plots is intentionally low which gives the best quality possible.

Winemaking :

After the harvest, this wine is aged in oak barrels for 1 year in order to develop subtle oak flavours. This Cuvée, fragile and complex, needs a lots of caution during the winemaking, that is why it is named "Caprieuse" (Capricious in english).

Dégustation :
A nice golden colour with charming almonds and dry fruits nose. Very rich and complex bouquet of flavours (like rhubarb, almonds, vanilla, dry apricots an quince...) The mouth is very smooth and powerful in the same time with lots of lengh.

Wine & Food pairing :

This wine will fit very well with mushrooms dishes, meats with sauce, truffals, fishes with withe butter sauce, scalops and pastries. A unique and complex wine to share with amateurs !


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Celliers de la Pauline

Le Bourg - 26 rue de la Mairie
18300 Thauvenay - France
Tél : +33 (0) 2 48 79 91 46
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