Sancerre Blanc "Les Doigts d'Or de Dolly" Alphonse Dolly

Sancerre Blanc

A bit of history…The Tales of Alphonse Dolly:
Calloused, sculpted and designed by the pick handle, reddened by the grape-juice, the Dolly’s hands do the works without complaint.
His fingers, impregnated in the Sancerrois ground, have the taste of stones, dust and smoke. Each palm of Dolly’s hands tells the story of a whole life of work. His experienced fingers take delicately the vine-shoot to curve them very carefully, and then tie them gently on wooden stakes called “pessiau” in Sancerre dialect.
His hands, his fingers, from the pruning to the harvest, forged silently the taste of the wine. A precise and meticulous work in the cellar gives tailor-made wines.


Grape variety :
100% Sauvignon blanc

Terroir :
Soil with mainly limestone.

Vineyard work :
Reasoned culture, cover in grass, no grasskiller, disbudding, green harvest, work on the soils

Winemaking :
Immediately after having been harvested, grapes are slowly pressed to extractthe best of the fruit. The juice then ferments 4 weeks under controlled tempraturesfrom 13 to 17 degrees, a process which ensures the conservation of all fruit aromas. It lies on its fine lees until February, where it develops its richness and its length. We then use successive tastings to determine the best moment to bottle our Sancerre.

Tasting :
The nose expresses white flesh fruits and has a good floral side. The mouth is chiselled with a wonderful homogeneity from the beginning to the end. The minerality make last the finals. This Sancerre "Alphonse Dolly" delivers a superb richness and is surprisingly generous. A great Sancerre, typical and elegant !

Food and wine pairing :
The wine should be served between 8 to 12°C. Fish and crustaceans, scallop Carpaccio, goat’s cheese and especially Crottin de Chavignol, a PDO cheese from Sancerre.

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