Reuilly RosÚ
Reuilly Rosé

Reuilly RosÚ

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Grape :
100% Pinot Gris

Terroir :
Planted on steep slopes, the vines of Reuilly RosÚ flourish on limestone marls and sandy lands with a good sunshine. This exposure gives them a good maturity.

Vineyard work :
Reasoned culture, cover in grass, no grasskiller, disbudding, green harvest, work on the soils

Wine process :
Immediately after having been harvested, the grapes are pressed slowly in order to extract all the aromatic power. There is a few time of contact between the skins and the juice and that is why the Reuilly RosÚ has such a clear color.
Then the wine is fermented in the same way as we do for white between 18 and 20 degrees.

Tasting :
This wine has a very clear color with some orange reflections.
The bouquet is subtle with notes of white fresh fruits. The mouth is smooth with flavours of peach, peer and apricot as well as a few notes of strawberries in final.

Wine & food pairing :
This wine is all dedicated for pleasure and summer ! Perfect with white meats, barbecues and exotic/spicy food.


Eric Louis Cellar
Celliers de la Pauline

Le Bourg - 26 rue de la Mairie
18300 Thauvenay - France
TÚl : +33 (0) 2 48 79 91 46
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