What's a decanting ?

Between the time of harvest and the bottling moment, there are a lot of steps. Decanting is one of them and is a key moment of wine-making process.

We need work wine to make it reach good maceration. One step is the wine ageing. The wine is often matured on its lees. Those are dead yeasts which have been getting down at the bottom of tanks.

By making one more time lees airborne, wine gets more complex by changing its breadth in mouth and its secondary aromas. We say it's more complex.

Ageing duration is not the same according to years, winemakers and lasts between two or twelve months. Within this period, we keep wine under control until we find the perfect balance. Then, wine has to be kept quiet in order to yeasts get down for good. It’s time for separating wine from its lees.

We can use two different ways to reach the goal: natural way by using a pipe and by letting gravity makes everything or with a pump. This step is named decanting.

Lees are not thrown out. Salvaged, they will be distilled and will be used as alcohol for industry or as fuel.

Then, we can bottle. Wine will finish its maturation and will give vintage of Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Menetou-Salon and Quincy that we know well.


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