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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

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Grape variety :
100% Pinot Noir

Terroir :
Soil with mainly limestone.

Vineyard work :
Reasoned culture, cover in grass, no grasskiller, disbudding, green harvest, work on the soils

Winemaking :
After two weeks of maceration with skin to preserve the aromatic potential, the pinoit noir undergoes malolactic fermentation in thermoregulated tanks.

Tasting :
Full ruby colour and a fine nose, with strong aromas of fruits. Evokes a sensation of roundness on the palate. This wine is very pleasant with an aftertaste of red fruits.

Food and wine pairing :
Light and elegant, this wine is the perfect acompaniment for cold cuts, and goes well with white meat.


Awards per vintage :

2018: Concours des Vins " Elles à Table " - Médaille d'Argent


Eric Louis Cellar
Celliers de la Pauline

Le Bourg - 26 rue de la Mairie
18300 Thauvenay - France
Tél : +33 (0) 2 48 79 91 46
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+33 (0) 2 48 79 91 46