Vine's pruning

Pruning is a key step for all Sancerre’s winegrowers. It takes place from November to March and represents the most important work for the winegrowers of this area.

We have to cut branches because of a characteristic of vine: it’s growing continuously. What for? To reach sunny places to bloom beautiful flowers and then grapes. This technique of cutting twig has been established after a simple observation: stumps, eaten by several animals – goats or donkey you can find everywhere in Sancerre – produce more grapes.

The interest of a good cutting is pretty simple. For the current year, it’s help to handle with space for vine’s growing and to stay under yield’s ceiling. As every AOC, Sancerre’s wine is restricted in production. For instance, for white Sancerre, yield is limited to 65 hectolitres per hectare. By decreasing its quantity, we increase its quality... It’s maybe the main advantage which gives letters of nobility to Sancerre’s wine!

In the long run, it makes cutting easier for the years after and let vine stocks living longer because they won’t be exhausted for feeding too many grapes. They could produce juicy and sugary grapes year after year, until the end of the vine stock.
After pruning, Sancerre’s winegrowers let 6 to 8 grapes per plant.


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