St Vincent in Sancerre

On the 22th January, it’s St Vincent. It’s a celebration you can’t miss for Domaine Eric Louis and all the others states within Sancerre’s surrounding because it’s the day of the winegrower’s patron saint.

According to custom, the first celebration took place in Sancerre and then year after year in other villages localized within the appellation.á

But, what’s a chairman?

To sum up, it’s the person who pays the drinks! Seriously, chairman is the person who has the honour of wearing staff of St Vincent and who often offers the cup of friendship and cake after the mess for St Vincent.

Commemoration of St Vincent doesn’t look like traditional mess. There are a lot of stakeholders. First every brotherhood is there. They proudly support banners and staffs.á

St Vincent wouldn’t be a celebration without dance.

Those dances are organised by the winegrowers themselves. All wine’s producers of Sancerre meet there to drink, to tell about the new vintage … and to relax. The night we can dance together in Verdigny or Sury en Vaux. You don’t know which one to choose? Never mind, you can take part of both. In one night, there is enough time. And it isn’t over! The following week end, affairs are moving from one village to another one. Every winegrower takes part of co-workers’ parties.


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